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Comin‘ home again

Gepostet von am Montag, 15. Juli, 2013, 23:54

Comin‘ home again

Einer unserer eigenen Songs. Trocken und direkt aus dem Proberaum.

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  1. Ok, let me say few words. The food was a children protion, most of the people been embarrassing and the atmosphere was boring.

    First of all getting spare rips in bali for 70.000 Rupia without any side dishes is a high price. Every potato or salad cost extra. In Europe I can get a better price for better food with nice side dishes. We are still in bali and the place is not a nice resto, its a rotten hut. Getting for this just a children protion is a too high pirce when you consider what kind of food you could get in nice designed locations with a nice view on balis sea or rice padies for 70.000 Rupia. Naugty Nuris is a small barack and cosi but nothing exclusive. So the portion was the first disappointment.

    Also on the same day the owner was there with his older friends which been talking to every guest . One of them couldn’t finish a sentence without 2 Fu.k inside and the other one was just wasted drunk talking to each young lady barfood, open shirt, sweaty, nice beer belly etc It was just embarrassing.

    Nothing agains Chinese, but when we arrived and sattle a full bus of Chinese tourists in partner looks arrived and occupied half of the place. The atmosphere was everything else then a leasure, nice food for a fair price, people meeting, cool talks, etc

    We left the place without trying the martinis and I guess we will not come back again.

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